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Our Services

We offer support for every application or website we create. This includes security updates, functionality enhancements, SEO, promotions on social platforms, copywriting.

Cost Effective
Want a simple solution? When there is no need for custom development we could save you a lot of money on creating and supporting your project.
Need something special, like a webservice that no one has or custom design? No problem, we can build it.
SEO Ready
Your website needs SEO even if you don't know what it is. Ask us. We can also run your ads and social campaigns.
We use the best hosting providers, enable SSL encryption for all our websites by default and have automatic backups. Bad things can happen to any site, but we have you covered.
We enable your website with comprehensive analytics and goals tracking. You know exactly how many people visit the website and how effectively they use it.
Be as much or as less involved. Once done developing we can pass you full control over your website or have it all on us and keep you worry free.
Responsive Design
More than 50% of the users will be visiting your website on mobile devices. Even search engines check usability of websites smartphone version and may lower its position on search page if it performs poorly. Good news! We will make your site working perfectly on standard monitors, tablets and smartphones.

Our Works and Experience

Years of Experience
Projects Completed
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Mushroom Spot
World Nutrition Forum
ATL Appliance Repair
Wolfgangs Autos
The Legend of Clevengers Gold

Our work process

From beginning to end we make sure you are satisfied with our work. Having troubles defining requirements? We will help. Changing requirements? We would adjust. We can help integrating your new software with 3rd party systems. Submit details of your project below and we will get back to you with our offer.


Initial Contact

You either drop us an email to sales@netfoxsoftware.com or fill out our contact form with details of what you are looking for, your goals, your budget and timeframe. We will reach out to you to clarify the details. In most cases, but not always, we would be able to provide you a price range at this point.


We Create

Then we analyze the requirements and prepare prototypes/sketches for you to consider. We work together with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. Once we agreed on the details, we start creating your product. Our process is flexible, so we can adjust to changing requirements.


test & deliver

We make sure you are getting best product by testing it thoroughly. Need integration with other systems? We often can help with this either. We also offer support, so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your website or app.

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